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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are a federally licensed firearms dealer located in the state of Indiana. You, the seller, are covered under our license just as you would be if you walked into our store. There are no laws preventing you from selling your firearm to us.

Offers are valid for 14 days.

Absolutely! Once firearm information has been submitted, you will have the ability to submit additional firearms for review and offers. These firearms will be viewable from your user panel, which you access from your initial offer email.

We will either send you a check, or we will issue the funds via a secure ACH direct deposit. During the offer approval process, you will tell us which method of payment you prefer.

Yes. We do not purchase muzzle loaders/black powder firearms or firearms needing parts or extensive repair. We do not purchase firearms with obliterated or illegible serial numbers. We do not purchase firearms with ban-compliant modifications. We do not purchase home-built firearms other than AR15s.

We do not purchase SBR’s (short barreled rifles), SBS’s (short barreled shotguns), or suppressors. We do purchase machine guns.

As special shipping rules apply, we do not purchase ammunition. If you have ammunition you are looking to sell, we recommend you list it locally, or sell it to a friend or family member.

If you don’t hear from us within 72 business hours, please check your spam folder. If you don’t have anything from us in spam, please email us at info@webuyguns.com and we will attempt to assist you.

If we determine the firearm has not been accurately described, or there are material issues not disclosed in your initial offer request, we will either reduce our offer, or return the firearm to you. Please keep in mind, we will have to send the firearm to a licensed firearms dealer in your area. We will take care of shipping the firearm to them, but we will not be responsible for any transfer fees or other costs incurred when picking the firearm up from your dealer. You will need to provide us with your preferred dealer information so we can get the firearm to them.

When the offer is approved, you will have the option of either receiving a secure ACH deposit, or a paper check. Please allow 7 business days for paper checks to arrive in the mail. ACH deposits should post to your account within 48 business hours. If you have not received your preferred method of payment within the allotted time, please email us at info@webuyguns.com and we will work with you to make sure you get paid.

We guarantee the offer value of your firearm against loss or damage. If your firearm is lost, we will reimburse you for the “offer value” of your firearm. If it is damaged, we will assess the contents to determine if the firearm was properly packaged. We will not be held responsible for damage caused by insufficient or poor packaging. Also, we must be sure that no damage was present prior to shipping. Clear photos of the firearm will help us determine if damage occurred before or during shipping.

First, you will provide us with your contact information. Once confirmed, you will be directed to a firearm information form. Use the form to list the make, model, caliber and serial number of your firearm. You will also be directed to upload a few photos. Once completed, we will prepare your free offer. You will be notified by email when your offer is ready. If you accept our offer, we will provide you with a shipping label and a set of shipping instructions. Once we have received and evaluated your firearm, we will prepare your payment through an ACH form, or a mailed check (your choice).

It should only take you about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the firearm information form. Once completed, we will have your offer to you within 72 business hours. Once we receive your firearm, we will thoroughly inspect it. This process usually takes 24 hours. If we determine the firearm was accurately described, we will begin processing your payment. If you prefer a mailed check, please allow 5-7 business days for the check to process and mail. If you prefer an ACH deposit, the funds will typically post to your account within 48 business hours.

An accepted offer is a contractual agreement between the customer and WeBuyGuns.com. Once an offer is accepted, we expect the customer to ship the firearm within 7 days. During that time, the customer may choose to cancel their transaction simply by emailing their transaction number and intent to cancel to info@webuyguns.com. However, once the firearm is shipped, we consider the transaction final. WeBuyGuns.com reserves the right to alter the offer or refuse the purchase after the firearm is received and inspected.

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